IEEE Space Mission Challenges for Information Technology - IEEE Space Computing Conference
Computer History Museum  •  Mountain View, CA, USA  •  15-19 July 2024


The SMC-IT/SCC 2024 Conference will host multiple keynotes, multiple SMC-IT and SCC tracks with presentations and panels, and several workshops. A US persons only session will also be hosted on Friday at a different location. See below the details of each of these sessions.

Main SMC-IT and SCC tracks

The SMC-IT/SCC 2024 Conference will host multiple keynotes, multiple SMC-IT and SCC tracks with presentations and panels. Further information coming soon.


The SMC-IT/SCC 2024 Conference will host the following workshops. Click on the name of each workshop to access the respective details.


SMC-IT/SCC is planning to hold the following tutorials as part of the main workshop tracks:

Working Group Meetings

The existing SpaceVPX industry standard addresses some of the needs of the space avionics community but falls short of an interoperable standard that would enable reuse, common sparing on long duration missions, and reduce NRE for missions in general. This workshop is a face-to-face meeting for government and industry participants who are working to standardize an interoperable variant of the SpaceVPX standard within the Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) consortium. Attendance in the workshop is limited to registered SOSA members who are working on the development of this standard.

If you are interested in participating in the SpaceVPX interoperability standardization effort, please email Wes Powell ( or Patrick Collier (

Closed Session

We are planning to host a closed session for US-persons only on Friday morning at NASA Ames Research Center. Those interested in participating in this session should contact Ivan Perez Dominguez at


  • Technical Community of Software Engineering - IEEE
  • Technical Community on Computer Architecture - IEEE

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