Balancing Performance, Fault-tolerance, and Security for Future Space Systems

IEEE Space Mission Challenges for Information Technology - IEEE Space Computing Conference
Computer History Museum  •  Mountain View, CA, USA  •  15-19 July 2024


This session has been constructed to take the audience through the development cycle of a complex space-system meant for advanced computing. Topics such as AI, high-speed communication, and computing-architectures of the future will be presented by NASA, ESA, and top universities. Afterwards, subject matter experts will share their perspectives on the development cycle for complex space architectures/applications and their challenges: radiation, reliability, security, and balancing it all for SWAP-C (space, weight, area, power, and cost). The session will end in a panel discussion... and we want to hear what you have to say.

The BPFTS session will be co-chaired by Melanie Berg (Space R3 LLC), Wes Powell (NASA/GSFC), and Jim Butler (JPL). For additional information, please contact:


Monday, July 15th

10:30 AM Workshop Introduction Melanie Berg (Space R3)/Wes Powell (NASA/GSFC)/Jim Butler (JPL)
10:50 AM University of Pittsburgh: New Approaches Toward Advanced Data Handling for Space Products Tyler Garrett: PhD Candidate University of Pittsburgh
11:25 AM UFRGS: New Approaches Toward Advanced Data Handling for Space Products Fernanda Kastensmidt: Full Professor UFRGS
12:00 PM BREAK -

Thursday, July 18th

10:30 AM Workshop Welcome Melanie Berg, Wes Powell, and Jim Butler
10:40 AM NASA: New Approaches Toward Advanced Data Handling for Space Products Wes Powell: Principal Technologist for Avionics NASA/STMD
Jim Butler: Project Manager HPSC (NASA/JPL)
11:20 AM ESA: New Approaches Toward Advanced Data Handling for Space Products Maris Tali: Onboard Data Processing Engineer (European Space Agency)
12:00 PM BREAK -
1:15 PM Challenges: Radiation Effects and Reliability Indranil Chatterjee: Semiconductor Expert (Airbus)
1:55 PM Challenges: Mitigation Melanie Berg: CEO Space R3
2:35 PM Space System Development: Balancing Performance and Fault Tolerance Marc Franciszkowicz: Director of Nuclear Technologies at Defense Threat Reduction Agency
3:15 PM BREAK -
3:45 PM Panel Discussion Audience comments and suggestions toward balancing performance and fault tolerance
4:45 PM BREAK -



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