Space Trusted Autonomy Workshop

IEEE Space Mission Challenges for Information Technology - IEEE Space Computing Conference
Caltech, Pasadena, CA, USA - 18-21 July 2023


The objective of this workshop will be to start on the development of metrics to measure capability and trust for Space Trusted Autonomy. All SMC-IT participants are welcome to attend and provide input.

Technology Readiness Levels are a mainstay for organizations that fund, develop, test, acquire, or use technologies. Technology Readiness Levels provide a standardized assessment of a technology’s maturity and enable consistent comparison among technologies. They inform decisions throughout a technology’s development life cycle, from concept, through development, to use. A variety of alternative Readiness Levels have been developed, including Algorithm Readiness Levels, Manufacturing Readiness Levels, Human Readiness Levels, Commercialization Readiness Levels, Machine Learning Readiness Levels, and Technology Commitment Levels. However, while Technology Readiness Levels have been increasingly applied to emerging disciplines, there are unique challenges to assessing the rapidly developing capabilities of autonomy. This mini-workshop will explore the concept of Space Trusted Autonomy Readiness (STAR) Levels, which were recently featured in a publication ( that identifies a two-dimensional scale of readiness and trust appropriate for the special challenges of assessing autonomy technologies that seek space use. It draws inspiration from other readiness levels’ definitions, and from the rich field of trust and trustworthiness. The Space Trusted Autonomy Readiness Levels were developed by a collaborative Space Trusted Autonomy subgroup, which was created from The Space Science and Technology Partnership Forum between the United States Space Force, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and the National Reconnaissance Office.

Dr. Kerianne Hobbs, Air Force Research Laboratory
Dr. Martin Feather, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
Mr. Yuri O. Gawdiak, NASA
Mr. Benjamen Bycroft, Aerospace Corporation
Dr. Max Spolaor, Aerospace Corporation
Mr. Kenneth Costello, NASA

This will be an active workshop on Thursday, 20 July 2023.


10:15 AM Introduction to Trust Readiness Levels Dr. Kerianne Hobbs
10:30 AM Ethical Scenario Mr. Yuri O. Gawdiak
10:45 AM Breakout Discussion on Trust Readiness Level 1 Artifacts and Metrics All Participants
11:30 AM Group Outbriefs
1:00 PM Quick Re-Introduction to Trust Readiness Levels, Morning Recap Dr. Kerianne Hobbs
1:15 PM Aerospace Human/Automation Dissonance Examples Dr. Kerianne Hobbs
1:30 PM Breakout Discussion on Trust Readiness Level 2 Artifacts and Metrics All Participants
2:45 PM Group Outbriefs
3:15 PM Choose Your Own Adventure - Group decides deep dive area All Participants
3:30 PM Breakout Discussions All Participants
4:15 PM Group Outbriefs Panelists
4:30 PM Workshop Summary and Next Steps Dr. Martin Feather
4:45 PM END



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